Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dell vs HP Computer notebooks

by John
The computer industry
has been heavily influenced by Dell and HP these past few years. The main reason for this is because both of these companies offer computers ranging from low budget computers for everyday computing to high end gaming PCs. The low end budget PCs from both companies offer very good bang for the buck meaning you get what you pay for. The high end gaming computers
from these companies like the Dell XPS 720 and the HP Blackbird can cost thousands of dollars and are rival to popular gaming computers like Alienware, Maingear, and Cyberpower.

So far these 2 retailers sound the same right? So if I were to buy a computer which of these 2 companies
should I choose from?

-Offers a huge amount of options. You can start with a $399 computer and bring it to over $1000 depending on what options you pick.
-Customizable laptop tops and desktop panels allowing you to really put style into your computer.
-Dell’s website is built very user friendly
-Provides excellent customer service.

-In some cases provides cheaper systems than Dell.
-More models to choose from than Dell.
-HP website is also very user friendly, but cannot compare to what Dell has.
-Almost the same amount of options as Dell, but still lacking a few.

The bottom line is that computers coming from both of these companies will cost you around the same price range. The ability to customize your computer before receiving it is offered in both of these websites as well. So is there really a difference?

Honestly I think that there isn’t much a difference between Dell and HP. Dell offers more options to choose from, but HP carries more models of computers and each model with its own set of options to choose from. I’m personally a Dell owning because I purchased a Dell during a Christmas sale a few years back and it was cheaper than HP at the time. I also prefer Dell over HP because of the customer service they provide for their customers. The one major set back that HP has is that it doesn’t offer an ePC. Dell has recently came out with the Insprion mini 9 which is this super small super cheap laptop and HP has yet to come out with such a product. Now, when it comes to gaming PCs, I believe HP has won hands down. The HP Blackbird has completely destroyed every gaming computer Dell has come out with. Dell’s gaming computers tend to be over priced and you get a lot less for the amount of money you pay. The Blackbird on the other hand starts at around $2000 for a standard model and you can add liquid cooling, overclocked parts, and what not raising the price to over $5000.

So if anyone is picking between Dell and HP, you should really take a look at the special offers these companies offer especially around the holiday seasons. These sales can really affect the price on these systems. Other than that, I think its all about preference. If you already own one of these systems and love it, then you should continue with that brand instead of switching to the other.

I think Dell wins hands down with an 8 and HP with a 7

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